International Cocoa Initiative

The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) is a Swiss-based, non-profit foundation that works to ensure a better future for children in cocoa-growing communities. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership advancing the elimination of child labour and forced labour, by uniting the forces of the cocoa and chocolate industry, civil society, farming communities, governments, international organisations and donors.. Its Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) fulfils Step 6: Provide For/Cooperate In Remediation of the Gender-Responsive Due Diligence process.



The CLMRS, established by the ICI in 2012, is the leading method of remediation and detection of child labour. It uses the structure of the supply chain and community groups to identify where children are working and remedy those cases. Thus far, 215,746 children have been positively affected by the CLMRS.

Remediation activities

The activities in the system engages the community by allowing members of the cooperatives, the provider’s staff and wider community to be the facilitators. They are responsible for creating awareness about eliminating child labour, identifying cases and requesting remediation. These facilitators are trusted members that receive training on how to carry out these activities and duties. This causes a positive ripple-effect across the communities which ensures a sustainable remedy to child labour.

Nestlé is one of the enterprises in the industry that has implemented the CLMRS in their supply chain. They give extensive reports on the impact of CLMRS, using gender-disaggregated data to measure the effectiveness of different remediation activities.

“Yet, other enterprises should take CLMRS even further by focusing more on gender equality in the system.”

“One of our foremost objectives is to understand which types of remediation are most effective for which children. This can help us offer the most effective help and support to children identified in child labor”

Application to other enterprises

The CLMRS is an example of Gender-Responsive Due Diligence as it involves remedying issues within the children’s households, similar to those mentioned in the other case studies, to ensure that they are not forced to work. Yet, other enterprises should take CLMRS even further by focusing more on gender equality in the system. This would be beneficial to help eradicate child labour while still maintaining a gendered lens to Responsible Business Conduct.

This case study was written in collaboration with Plan International and Partnering for Social Impact.